Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DEAD RAT inside Coke bottle ordered from Phase X, Mohali Domino's

Hi friends,

I want to share an incident which happened to me last night i.e. on July 17th, 2010. I and few of my friends ordered one pizza, one garlic bread sticks, one choco lava cake and one bottle of coke from phase X, Mohali Domino's. The order was delivered within 30 minutes as usual. I was the one who collected the order, Everything was fine until the delivery boy gave me the bottle of coke. It contained less than 500ml. Immediately I complained about it to the delivery boy. He said there might have been some leakage so if you want then you can return the coke and I will return your money back. Seeing no other option we took the bottle of coke and started eating our pizza.

We were enjoying our pizza. Then we opened our coke bottle and when I took the first sip I found out that it tasted like water. No gas at all. But we had no other option. So with our pizza we kept taking sips of coke. When it was almost empty I found something in my mouth very bad in taste. So I spat immediately and we started inspecting the bottle. We saw some brown colored pulp at the bottom. First of all we thought that there is some rubbish in the bottle so we decided to complain about it to domino's. We called them and told them about the coke. They said OK, we will send you another one, give your bottle of coke to our delivery boy so that we can complain about this to our distributor. We said OK, fine.

In the mean time we kept inspecting the bottle in the light of tube. Suddenly we realized that what we were thinking was completely wrong. It was a DEAD RAT whose brown colored pulp was floating in our coke. We all were shocked and could not believe on what we were looking. How could this happen?....Our beloved coke...with a DEAD RAT in it...we were feeling like of my friend puked right at the moment and me too...

After sometime the domino's delivery boy came with another coke and asked us for our bottle of coke. But we refused to return the bottle back. He tried to convince us but we didn't give away the bottle.

In the coming morning I took few pictures of the coke bottle with DEAD RAT inside it. I also recorded a video and uploaded it on you tube.

So, guys this is the story of DEAD RAT inside the coke bottle ordered form domino's.

I will shortly be writing a mail to Coca Cola about it and wait for its reply.I will post the letter as they are posted.

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  1. well you do know it was obviously domino's fault not coca cola's. seeing that it was missing 250ML. it tasting like water and having no carbonation points to it being drank by somebody and a let out side(i say this because it looks like it has water in it and it also tasting like water to). my point is it is not coca cola's fault but domino's

  2. This has happened in Brazil also, this is not Domino's fault, it is cola cola's fault! The brazilian guy actually got an irreversible diseases from the rat, he barely walks and there is a law suit against coca cola. It is disgusting.

    Here is the video with the interview, but it is in Portuguese.

  3. I just went to court with Coke, because I had a rat in my Minute Maid Lemonade Concentrate (which is owned by coke). Everything was true and still had the rat and all the pictures (which I still do have), but the jury went with coke, because they spend thousand and thousands of dollars, bringing in all these video's of their plant and all these experts saying how it COULDN'T POSSILY HAVE HAPPENED.....WELL IT DID! . Then to ad insult to injury, they turn it all around and blame you and try and make you sound like an awful person. Coke should take the high road and own up to it, instead of raking the poor people who get their defected products, over the coals! Personally me, my family and friends will Never buy any of their products. I will make it my lifes mission to show the photos and the rat to everyone and anyone, to let them know what is in Coke products.

  4. Dear Lalit can you update me the current status of this incident. And have you gone to the consumer court? What they said? I have also found something in Coke today.